Believe I Do

I do believe, yeah. What you say to yourself matters a lot. My posts here are not how-to articles nor do I claim to know it all. I inspire myself and others because I am inspired as well. No matter the circumstance, I believe in myself. This makes me approach everything I do with positivity.

I say do good it always comes back. I say show gratitude it multiplies blessings which are in abundance. In whatever situation, I look at how progress can be made. There are people I know who have happy dispositions all the time. Happiness is something I aspire towards, something I associate a lot with positivity. I won't give up on it. I am happy. I try to be. So if you are happy right now, continue being happy. If not I say keep believing, keep growing, that’s what I do. Taking it one step at a time knowing I will get to the actualization that embodies everything I desire.

In a previous post, I talked about what they say where ‘they’ can be anyone including you and me. Today, I am saying emphatically that what we say about ourselves matters a lot. Positive affirmations, nice books, and good thoughts all come together to pave ways for us. I believe in my dreams, aspirations, and gifts. I believe situations turn around for the better and that persistence, hard work, and gratitude go a long way.

Hope is something I use all the time because it gets me through hard times. It keeps me going. I am saying such can also work out for you. I write because it’s something I love doing. Even when I don’t have much I keep trying because creativity manifests in marvelous ways.

As a writer I know I have to work on my skills constantly. Some writers have a fixed amount of words they must write each day. Here, I post articles as much as I can. It works marvels for me. Working on your skills all the time leads to success. This I say with confidence. This I believe in. As at when due, it all comes around that’s why I say believe, grow, and never give up. Don’t always live according to people’s wishes consider yourself because you deserve the things you want and have worked for.



Creating my way ❤

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