Beam Of Inspiration

Beam of inspiration is what I call the source of hope. It could be anything or anybody. It could come from anywhere and we sometimes play down our rights to be inspired. We listen to narrowing stereotyopes about who we should be, interests we could pursue and thats we can tread. The thing is sometimes neglect some little details that affect a bigger frame. Parts of a bigger whole. Our power of tapping in and giving out energies. We limit what we can be even before we actively think about reaching for it because we refuse to open up our minds. But then I don’t know since I believe there is always a replacing alternative so when we choose not to do something or be a certain way I guess there is another thing we are consciously or unconsciously letting in. Here I am talking about the active recognition of what inspires you and gives you that little bounce in your steps. Nobody can tell you who you are but of course there is guidance and pointing to directions. Man, know thyself. Woman, know your worth. These days I don’t do that role model stuff as I used to when I was younger but there is no denying influences. It is not fair to our potentials not to create points of awareness from where we can develop. What you choose and hold on to determines a lot about how you approach life and invariably sometimes your circumatances. There is nothing set in stone anyway. In my own personal journey I have arrived at a point where I decided to take a step back and look at it all. Readjust some forces of sway in my life. It could be as simple or hard as reducing or increasing the intensity of a frequented habit. It could be choosing new friends or learning new things. It could adjusting the lens. It probably is nailing down on the important focus.

In the title I chose the word "beam" because it sounds strong to me. The most important and cherished influence in my life I realized has always been there. Although sometimes muted as we grow, explore, and assimilate new things but it always remains there. Propping up in different forms, times when we need it the most because that force understands its purpose of encouragement and what good it could do for the individual and the world at large. A beam because it remains a point of direction even in the midst of chaos and lost course tendency. Something of a compass for a captain. A beam because the connection from that external source to the inside of you is an unmistakable imprint. It always challenges you to be better almost like an extension of yourself.

When I wrote about best writers I probably omitted those who perform with convictions of facts. Take for instance scholars who have to perform researches to attempt relaying empirical truths. While I research for knowledge to back up some of my opinions, my blogging here I don’t employ such techniques. Usually I write from what I recall. I express how I feel. I fuel my ambitions and desires knowing I deserve the better things in life just like you do. I show up here also inputing words because that’s one of the ingridient tools of a writer—writing, reading, observing. All these preamblic notifications are needed because I want to be free to state convincingly that our purest beam of inspiration finds us. We might set out in search for it but just like choices amongst options, that one or few that is meant to connect, does that effortlessly. We choose our friends, partners, colleagues, and associates. When it syncs well it is better expressed in a sweet way, “We found ourselves.”

I grew up hard. Not piss poor for I believe anyone with access to education has something to be proud of. But on some aspects it was ice cold that the only reasonable way to move forward was to numb the pain and distract myself with many things. But as the universe would have it, at a very young age I got connected to a powerful ray of inspiration that still stays with me. I am grateful for such everyday because it makes impossible possible. It is no rocket science. It came from books, certain writers, and world figures. Everyday we discover new things and people but there are intersections at key moments in our lives that amplifies everything. In my own circumstance many years a go I went from grief to hope without even knowing what it all means and could translate to. My beam of inspiration made me realize the world is a big place and we can choose to go about it how best we can and want. That there is always a line somehwere in the sands of times that make sense. That beam provided me with ability to shrink bigger concepts and assimiliate it to my everyday life. Inspiring people serve to make you believe in possibilities for I do so much. It helps us to recognize the abilities of our contributions. The immense power of our individuality and the connectedness of it all. I didn’t have much going on as a youngin but I am very lucky to have stumbled upon (chooses us) and held on to these principles and influences of those who embodied this. I may stray but deep down I know what I represent and that makes my identity strong even in the face of tribulations because at the end of the day it is who you are to yourself that matters and provide the internal strength to do for others. In the face of uncertainties to believe that dreams come true. When people say you cannot and shouldn’t, I think why not? At least this always provides avenue for new things.



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