Yes, My Desires ❤

Vincent Apunike
3 min readJun 16, 2021


I can feel it. I can feels better than I can not. Desires are personal. My wants, needs, and hopes are unique. Yours too, I know you want something also. The hedges of differentiation among our wants and needs can get complicated. And just as you have particular ways of dealing with the whys and why nots, writing is one way for me. There is no reason not to feel good, appreciate life, and enjoy every beautiful thing in it. Learning along the way, encountering different people, giving, and receiving.

It’s one thing to want something and another thing to work for it. But you can try, I guess everybody is. It depends on how you see things and how badly you want them. The realization takes effort and commitment. I have written on the importance of believing, persisting, and the good in humanity. How can you describe your desires and wants? What creates such desires?

You can get all metaphorical about it, but somehow everyone wants something. There are links between desires, responsibilities, and the purposes we choose for ourselves. Stress from work and family can affect how you go after what you desire. Beware also of those who try to trap you with attractions that look appealing but work against you in the long run. Your desires should be personal. Validate them every day.

I am inspired by great people who relentlessly pursued their desires, so I am motivated to create these posts. No one knows what you truly desire. You can be vocal about it, some of it, or all of it. Some may try to use it against you, but I believe you are stronger than that.

I have certain beliefs and affirmations that strengthen my resolve each time. I have mastered picking myself up when I fall, but most importantly, avoiding the pitfalls. I appreciate the experiences life offers because they are also part of the journey.

Desires, dreams, life, love, health, wealth, success, happiness, gratitude, grace, opportunities, dedication, are you looking for the perfect adjectives or qualitatives that fit your desires? How do they relate to spatial arrangement and allocation of things? Well, I don’t know who is reading this or not am just saying. I believe you deal with your desires in your ways too. I am just being open because in as much as it is a very hard thing to do, vulnerability can be uplifting and powerful.

Desire whatever you want so long they don’t hurt anyone else. Some will hate you for your courage. They will want you to desire exactly what they also desire because it fits their selfish plans. Usually, these people are adept at manipulating. Never allow them to steal your joy. From time to time, I share my desires on this blog. People talk about how immature it is to do so. Well, I know someone somewhere will relate to what am saying and be inspired to go after their heart desires as well.

I can do this, I want this, I should, are few conditioned positivity from an understanding of self. Don’t shape your desires to impress anyone. Your desires can be uncountable, but recognize the ones dearest to your heart because they shape various aspects of your life.

Trying to make things fit, holding on, and constantly believing can be hard sometimes. There have been cases people say to my face that my desires are not valid. I prove them wrong. Heck, it may be their desires that force such vitriol. Wanting something makes you human, there is no reason to be ashamed. Desires shape the choices you make and the direction you choose.

Don’t give up. It’s possible to achieve. It is very okay to admit we want. Desires are connected to the beauty of the universe like looking at the stars, smiling, memories, efforts, the breeze, wonders, and relentlessly, moving toward possibilities. You can scream out loud, write it down, tell it to another person, hold it in, don’t even know they exist, and choose to acknowledge them or not. However it is, desires are common. I have some of them and I believe I can achieve them. I do. You too can. Hey. ❤