Nice Meeting yourself

Each time I discover a new me, I feel so amazing. Particularly and most probably because I am a private individual even to myself. So many layers uncover in this journey we all embark on. It is nice to meet you. To rediscover, improve, and harness your potential is a beautiful thing. I read a post about a lady who went out all wild after a breakup. She learned new things about herself. You don’t need to go through hardship to meet a new you or access a deep recess of who you can be. You just need to keep your mind open. The power we pack is immense.

Sometimes we need that kick of disappointment to get us started. Do you know what I do? I always have these near-perfect versions of my future self I imprint on my mind especially when am down. It is better to have that new or improved version of yourself and work towards it than to place yourself elsewhere because when fakeness reveal you might get jaded. I feel inspired writing this. When I have that version in my mind, it's easier to work towards it. First of all, it helps me through whatever I am going through. This process opens up new opportunities and outlooks.

I don’t know about the next guy, but I love adventures. Boy, not that action film you just watched. I want my mind entertained and challenged and to some an extent, I have not experienced that. I have experienced a lot but there is a feeling still outside my grasp. I reserve every right to desire and grow. On this quest, I meet these other tidbits which also count because that’s what life is all about. Meeting yourself is what dreams are made of. I am a writer hoping to transition to an author. I love to read. I gather books online and offline. I may not read them all at the time, there are only so many things you can accomplish in a day. But I always want to know they are there. Part of the reason is that each time I read a book, well let’s say a good book, I learn new things. I meet new opportunities and discover new things. The same thing happens when I write.

Our ability to evolve can be as monumental as getting that new job, promotion, marriage, new car, new house, vacation, etc you know the beautiful things life can offer. It can also be as little as getting a new hairdo, buying new clothes, visiting somewhere nearby you always say is out of the way, trying a new dish, wanting to be happy and actively working towards it, letting go of the past, and making new friends. I think keeping our minds open is the key here. I am very positive about my future and the happiness it brings. There are things I look forward to not knowing how they are all going to play out but I know they will somehow. The only reasonable thing is to keep improving for that future while enjoying the present. Because in the future, this present will be the past and I want to make sure I met that person I should and want to be at each point. It takes courage and belief in self.

Be sure the new you is who and what you want to be and not always what they want you to be because when the light goes down, you might question if it was all worth it. I am a big preacher of figuring out yourself because you are you and that’s just how it is. However, striving to be the best you can bring out joy, happiness, and goodwill for yourself and others. Contrary as you may assume, I don’t put it out there in full. I piecemeal this beautiful being I am for myself enjoying the little reveal and growth as I go along. There are no limits. I am private sometimes because I know how to entertain myself without being a jerk. I know how to go out there and use the available to create whatever I want. It’s fun to watch people make assumptions based on the little I show. Same people who deal ugly and hide their hands.

The biggest disappointment I see, one thing I train myself not to be, is that shmuck who on the outside looks like they got it all, but on the inside it's chaos. Maybe it’s a thing of not meeting oneself at each point in time. The objective is to live with no regrets. I assimilate experiences as lessons and then do what I have to. Usually, I come out victorious, a win being what you make it. Gotta play the cards close to your heart sometimes. I find the confidence to meet whichever me I have to face at each point because of this act of imagining a better version. Whatever is happening, I try to see the positive side and that always works. Doing that is how you light that candle at the end of the tunnel for yourself because not everyone is fortunate to have that external light emanate from someone else. Applying our best efforts is what we should always do. The best should be reserved for those who truly deserve you and I am speaking from experience. I don’t know if you experience the nostalgia of looking back at what used to be trying moments at a point with a feeling of “I went through this?” I know you do. That shows you how strong you are. Sometimes you even want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s all real.

To want someone or to be with someone I realized can only be enjoyed in full when you fix yourself. Will Smith said you have to be happy with yourself first. You are responsible for your happiness and nobody else. Then and only then can you share your happiness with others. You cannot give what you don't have. Life gets how it gets sometimes and we all need someone, but I have learned to at least make efforts to be strong for myself. The person you want to lean on will also need strong shoulders. I believe in mutualism and cooperation, you got my back—I got your back. But sometimes when you give people your shoulder to lean on, they want your soul, mind, and body. Vincent ain't got it to give.

I talked about accommodation and compassion in my post when fakeness reveals because it’s pitiable to see people wanting to know, figure out, and claim a new you when they should be focusing on who they are. I show concern because I wonder how restless that must be. Since I keep it personal, I think it’s important I point out this newest me in order not to mislead anybody. It’s like taking a picture because next couple of years we all look a bit different and need some kind of reference to the past. Right now, I have marked some boundaries and made some choices for good. Right now, I try to distance myself from some funny rules people make in their games. In fact, I don’t even play people's games no more. I leave them to it and that might sound selfish, but that’s alright. Have you ever been taken advantage of? I look back and try to make better of what I have.

To be honest, for those always poke nosing and acting like I owe them my life, talents, and gifts I might keep a pose that makes them think I am with all that especially after pointing it out that am not. End of the day, I hug the improvements to who I want to become because we all are special people. We all deserve to be and live regardless of the obstacles people set. Maybe some people always need to take to be and it’s whatever that floats their boats, so long you ain’t tryna take what am not finna give. I didn’t just wake up and have this outlook. I have experienced things that taught me hard lessons. You probably have also. End of the day, you realize, you have to be strong.

Enjoy yourself, treat yourself better, and take care of yourself. Then, if you are my type that wants to feel happier, share that happiness. Smile more and always seek out self-fulfillment. Your past should not hold you back. Dwelling can be so depressing, you have to learn to let go. I guess that’s where all that focusing of energy in someone’s business grows from. Focus on your path, be fair to others, and always be aware. I express my concern and wishes if they intersect with someone else’s interests while marking out boundaries and allowing the person or people to go figure. I believe in myself so much and appreciate myself I don’t undervalue my potential. Of course, I am humble. I know that I know nothing at all. I always look forward to the very best my improved self can be even when it’s not at my fingertips yet. Believe I do. Nice meeting yourself because it’s the first step to achieving great things. Remember to have the version of a better you somewhere you can peep it, especially, when you need inspiration Have a nice day.



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