Yes On Growth

Naturally forward movement. Not giving up. Taking it all in your strides. Growth is simply the improvement of who we were before. The actualization of a destination, the process of getting there, and the direction after getting there. Whatever or wherever this may be is yours to decide.

My journey in life has been peppered with different obstacles which somehow I overcame. God, the universe, providence coming through. Friends, family, and those we meet along this beautiful journey of life help as well. Growth is the lessons picked up along the way and the decision to never give up. Growth is also a biological process if you wanna go that way.

For me, growth is coming back stronger than obstacles that hindered and pushing through to success. Growth is constant if you seek it.

I believe in growth. Today's entry is another call to keep moving. That miracle, hope, and dream actualizations are on the way. The light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter than your worries. Pain gives way to happiness which rejuvenates whatever is lost or broken, creating the successful movement from strength to stronger. Suppression and oppression won’t hold us down, but instead, spring us up to who we want to become. I believe.

As a youth, as a creative, as a visionary especially those who haven’t gotten the full compensation, realization, and recognition for their works, you have to keep growing. Becoming is growth. It occurs as individuals, as partners, as a group, as a community, and as a determined mind working toward achieving a dream.

Approach each day with a better mindset, embrace the possibilities, be inspired, and remain determined to grow. Things add up from all your experiences and if you have that growth mindset you will constantly overcome challenges. I did, I do, and I will. "Never give up" is a popular mantra. What’s the other option if you do? To be alive is a win for me and since I grow and show gratitude I get more of that. Appreciating the much I have, I acquire more. That’s growth.

Some won’t like the new you as you grow. Flowers are pruned to bear meritorious fruits. Growth is envisioning that person you want to become and that potential you want to harness.

Grow, maintain that motivation, and win. Not running around in circles, but moving directly to the desired destination. I stay going. You gotta choose the things that aid in that direction. Most often than not it is what we always do. It is better to grow into who you want to become. Happiness and satisfaction will follow.

Nourish your mind and body through exercise and mindful thinking. Choose those who choose you. Aspiring towards what makes you whole. Declutter if you must and then assemble the things needed along the way. That is why weeding is important. Freedom. Peace of mind. I choose to be wholesome, not giving away a piece of my mind. Harmony. I overshadow unpleasant memories from the past with the greatness I am working on. Watch it manifest.

Looking towards the future, but don't neglect to live the present. If it ain’t all that good realign with lessons from the past. Movement. Persistence. Never settling for less.



Creating my way ❤

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