The Storm’s Over

Vincent Apunike
5 min readJun 25, 2021


You gotta have to define what a storm means to you and the picture it evokes. Normally, we associate a storm with something like a hurricane. That too, but if I can remember, the survivors of Titanic said the Atlantic ocean was the calmest the night the ship sank. Whatever it is though, the way forward is to believe and go through it. I look at my life and I say with all faith that the storm is over. No one is saying there wouldn’t be obstacles here and there. I am saying with conviction that the worst is over and the lessons learned can only be used as advantages.

Faith, discipline, and good works are tools that make the difference. It’s personal. You wear the shoe, only you know where it pinches. Today’s post is more of a proclamation. If you want philosophical discourse, you can check out the application of If’s and then’s my previous post. Now the storm is over. Yes, believe it. What’s next? Will life just be a bed of roses? Who likes suffering? I will say I hope. Yes. Lol. Whatever. But the most important thing is growth and strength. Perseverance and grace.

I heard the road to destiny is always under construction. I don’t know. Personally, I believe in direction. A calm ride doesn’t make a good captain something like that you know all these idioms. I believe or even from stories, when there is a storm, the captain strives to maintain direction because chaos diverts the original set compass. I believe in purpose. This is because what was an obstacle or what you saw as one might be required to get to your desired destination. It's all about how you deal and what you make of it. I keep a positive mindset because there is nothing that can’t be filtered through it. There is a yes hiding behind that no.

There are blessings in every disappointment. That glow is the light at the end of the tunnel. We all gotta pick ourselves up and keep on keeping on. I am on my preaching inspirational behavior today and that’s alright. What is it? I look back and say it’s over. There are many more blessings to live for tomorrow. The storm is over. I wish I had a story to buttress this point, but it’s coming straight from my heart.

Faith or fate, which do you believe in? I believe in both of them. Faith because I see no other option. When people say never give up, you may wonder what they mean. So far you’re alive it’s a journey of options. Giving up on your dreams or the one thing that matters to you is choosing another option. Maybe I should put it this way, another option will crop up in its stead. We can as well have faith in our aspirations and somehow everything we do will start to align for the better. As humans, we have something of a myopic vision in that we can’t see the next day or know for certain what happens next so that creates distress.

That’s where faith comes in because you have peeped in the past and are doing what needs to be done in the present for a better tomorrow. Fate. Aye, some powerful people don’t believe in that. They are agreed on the fact that everything is in their hands. Man, I sit back and I ponder. I believe in that factor a lot too. Whatever you want and wish for lay in the power of your hands. I look at it that way most of the time. But never take things for granted.

However, there is also this little part that makes me look at it all and say if it's fate that it will be, I can as well have a glass of wine and relax a bit. What is the exact definition of fate? Destiny? Inexplicable combinations of favorable coincidences? Do you see why I just believe and chug along? It’s easier to do that. Sometimes life doesn’t give us a break we gotta take it. Chill, adjust, and keep on believing. Each and everyone one of us has inherent talents, gifts, blessings, and the ability to develop skills.

What you decide to do with yours is up to you. The storm is over. It is time to enjoy the reward for hard work and dedication. This proclamation also has a lot to do with gratitude and appreciation. Our wants are sometimes infinite. We always want something. We don’t always have time to look at the things we have or been through. The wise ones say we don’t know what we have until we lose it.

So each step in the way, whatever we overcome—the storm(s), it’s proper to give thanks. This propels us to a better tomorrow packaged with all we need along the way. I woke up today with this feeling of goodness and decided to put it out here. By now if you reading my little write-ups here you should know that what you give out matters a lot.

Even if you're still in the middle of that devastating shit storm, it serves you right to believe it’s over and it will be. Faith embodies growth. They say live as if you have that which you ask for and you shall receive. Oh, a story just popped into my mind now. Don’t know where I read it from, but it was about this man who got a sales job and his employer told him to go buy an expensive car. He did so on credit and drove it around his neighborhood. He drove it home to an astounded wife who couldn’t believe the husband would make such a rash decision considering their bills and debts. The employer set a high target for sales but wanted the man to live as if he had achieved that goal and had a surplus to spend on luxury. In a couple of months, it happened like that. Now am not saying…am just saying. The storm is over.