I Cook, Too!

I think it’s finally time for a me blog. So, here goes.

I enjoy the occasional rumble in mountain biking, it brings me closer to nature without the worry of bugs.

I also enjoy cooking. Scrambled eggs are my personal favorite to make; They’re easy to clean up and are rather palatable. I enjoy baking as well, and make the occasional masterpiece. That’s one tan hunk… Oh, look! I’m in the picture, too!

I’m also learning guitar, and I’ve already learned the chords from Green Day’s Brain Stew and the Monkees’ I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone. I’m learning Three Little Birds. It makes me feel frustrated on occasion.

I also run cross country, and currently have the fastest time. I’m also a cheerleader, because why not?

I’m currently on hiatus from Krav Maga for family reasons, but would like to resume it as soon as possible.

I also write comedy and the occasional deep-thinker in my blogs. My personal favorite has to be TRSOJC, for no other reason than it makes fun of religion. The single blog that stands out for me is Gay Priest. Also because of that religion bit.

I’ve received a couple certifications, including my CPR, Jr. open water diver, and license to kill.

Yes officer, it’s valid.

— — — — — — — — — — — And now oral diarrhea — — — — — — — — — —