Trump for President

During the Republican debate, Donald Trump addressed the nation on the topic of immigration. Donald announced his plan to build the ‘Great Wall of Texas.’ After this bold statement, Donald was asked how he planned to build this wall, and still keep it within budget.

Donald replied by saying that instead of spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money, he’s just going to get lower-income citizens to do the job. “It’s senseless to spend money on a project when you can just have some dumb redneck do it for you.” says Donald. What Donald plans to do is offer tax exemption to any person willing to donate their supplies and time to build the wall.

When asked about military spending, Donald replied “The military would also be spared expense if we sent those same people to fight in the Middle East.” General Brown believes that this is an excellent idea, and says “Sending highly motivated individuals to fight in a war is superb, especially since they would be volunteers. Of course, we would still have experienced personnel in the aircraft.”

Scientist John Harmond says that this proposition would help cleanse the gene pool. “We would get rid of 70% of our nation’s uneducated members in one fell swoop.” Mr. Harmond’s calculations did not include survivors, but what kind of idiot would let them back in?