Whatever you dress in these days , it’s really hard not to be judged. If you wear skinny jeans and a nice shirt, you’re a hipster. If you wear Sperrys and basketball shorts, you’re branded as a basic bro (euphemism for a worse name).

And God forbid if you try and make up your own style! You’ll get rejected by everybody, except maybe the hipsters. They tend to accept new styles with open arms.

There are also very few times in your teen years when the way you dress actually matters. If you show up to an interview in a tank top and shorts, you’re probably not going to be hired. But nobody’s going to remember what you were wearing on the beach next week.

All this when you’re going through some of the most stressful years of your life. Sometimes you just have to stand back and laugh at the world, or you can curl up in a ball. Your choice.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is this: Be confident in the way you dress. Whatever you choose to wear make sure you like it, and only then ask for others’ opinions. There will always be other people criticizing you for what you wear, just ignore them and move on. Otherwise, you’ll always be unsatisfied and unoriginal.