Re-Thinking My Medium Posts.

The most fun I’ve had writing on Medium was when I was writing for myself; because I had something to say. I don’t want to write to attract attention, I want to write because I have things on my mind that I’d like to share; things that capture my interest that I believe others should be gifted to know of, too.

My most prevalent posts are sure to have an existentialist tone, considering the universe and all its amazing wonders, the way stars beat much like our own hearts, the way things can just puzzle us so much. I don’t want to give you the common scientific perspective on supernovae, or even the more prevalent, awe-stricken reaction, but my own perspective; an offer to the world to take in the magnificence of the possible multiverse we inhabit. Because if we interact just for the sake of it, where does all the beauty go?

The thing I like to do most with people is to learn from them, and perhaps teach them a thing or two, if they’re even willing to listen. Nowadays most people just want to be right (from what I’ve seen, at least), they don’t want to believe that there’s a second, third, fourth and even nearly infinite points of view on the way things are. They just want someone to confirm their doubts.

And I don’t like to do that. What I like to do is have intellectual conversations with others where opinions are shared and respected, where knowledge that only that one sole person could ever be able to offer you and the world. That’s the main reason why I have any friends.

But even your friends can be uninterested and distant, making you feel like you have much to share with no one who wants to hear it. It doesn’t upset you, it just sort of leaves you in a state of shock at just how closed off from the world people can be. By the world, I mean the most fundamental and basic sense of it. The thing in which you live, the layers upon layers of reality that we cannot perceive because we’re just so damn ill-equipped to take it all in.

But there are people who want to peek beneath the boundaries, to see more, to know more, just for the sake of knowledge.

And this is why I write, especially on Medium. I want to show anyone who’s willing to see the brilliance of existence.

Sometimes I do feel like I’d rather just cease to exist, just for a brief while, then come back to life. But we all feel that way sometimes, I assume. And I don’t mean death. I mean the literal lack of existence that might be accomplished by stepping out of this reality and into a whole new one, or even in the ‘space’ in-between realities, in-between dimensions. Do you believe such a thing exists? Perhaps.

I also love the darker side to things. I once said this: Even the most joyful and seemingly innocent things in life can have a dark side to them. An ice-cream van, a basic symbol of childhood happiness, could be a much more disturbing sign of danger to other children. There could be some sort of paedophiliac child molester right behind the deceptive exterior of one of the world’s sweetest treats.

And these are the facts that most choose to ignore. But I like to peer right behind the curtains of whitewashed, so-called ‘realities’ and see right into the horrific truths. Because where else would we get the not-so-mundane realities if we didn’t?

Therefore, after much consideration, I will be… Re-vamping my blog, in a sense, into something much less abstract and much more well-defined.

I will be talking of the weirdest shit imaginable, the most horrific of things that actually exist. The fascinating, macabre natures of pandemics and plagues, the simple fact of reassuring death. The beauty which permeates throughout such an ending when you choose to become one with nature. Have you ever considered how you can be eternal in the physical sense by letting nature feed on your decomposing flesh? You are gone, you no longer exist in any sense other than that your dead body is left for some other living people to take care of. Why not give the one thing that is yours more than anyone else’s to the trees, to the complex ecosystems that will feed on your nutritious death and keep you in their systems? A leaf that falls in autumn and is carried by the wind to the window of a lonely old man, just a small fragment of you bringing a smile of joy to some person who simply loves autumn?

In life, I honestly mostly despise people. Yes. I actually hate people. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to think about such delicate, fragile pieces of artistic elegance that comes from such small things taking place on a planet that is only orbiting a star because there is enough gravity to prevent it from ‘falling’?

There is a much ignored simplicity to life that I would love to bring to you all to ponder and think about. There is also much to say about the genuinely amazing side to the terrifying aspects of existence.

To keep myself from getting so sidetracked, let me try to list the nature of my posts from now on in order.

  1. Existentialist pondering.
  2. Macabre and scary things.
  3. Fiction of all types, including horror and fantasy and ‘slice-of-life.’
  4. Maybe some poetry here and there.
  5. Science. Lots of science stuff.

As for my posting times, I’m a very… Ambivalent writer whose inspiration leaves and returns without a schedule, so that is why I don’t seem to have a proper posting period.

However, I will try to write and post at least twice every week. When a more firm schedule is created, I will confirm it with an update such as this one.

For now, I hope you enjoy your stay in this surrealistic, a little scary and very much fascinating realm of mine. (No arrogance intended.)

Thank you for reading my stuff and following me. I genuinely simply want to share things with you for your own chance of being completely gripped with awe.