© Jude Silva (artwork).

Surrealism; the Dreamlike State of Consciousness.

A soft, haunting melody echoes in the distance and in the ears of the spectators. Something has come alight, in the dimness of the wretched alleyway of the backstreets of London, where the tables are swept and legs are spread. A single mutiny, committed by a mutant, who stands amongst the shards of glass and wipes at the lenses of his glasses with a soft linen cloth. His coat of grey and black bleeds into the darkened backgrounds, the light emitted from his flashlight stark and blue. He struggles to speak, to whisper, to say something–anything. He marches forward into the abyss, letting himself go as he drops to his death. One by one, the follow. Men and women and children do the same, peering down the edge and dropping down into the voids all around them. Blackhole after blackhole; single singularities parting their mandibles and receiving their deeds, the gold in forms of solids and steel, some water fountains releasing flecks of the same augarian matter as a show of competence, a means of solace for the lost souls that tread these bottoms of lakes as they all march forward and forward, pouring their very beings outwards as the ravens croone and listen in a mocking stance. They snicker and snort at these lost, young fellows, one lost purpose in particular catching their attention. Loss brought on by his own hands, lack of joy and merrymaking and bittersweetness from the self-induced blindness he had practised over the years of his being alive, of his so-called living, which they saw more as surviving rather than taking life by its chilly throat and drinking from its frozen cold essence. There goes the mark; there it is, the jest is planted into the brains and minds of the ignorant, insignificant fools. They commit to their herds like sheep and believe to be wise and wonderful, when there are, and have been, so many fucking copies of them, they are nothing even worth mentioning but in a sardonic or condescending manner to an eager, cynical listener who just wants to see pain and corruption and murder and destruction.

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