The vastness of space… How majestic. [No copyright of this image intended.]

The Beauty of Nature; Loving Life

As one with an open mind and a tendency to recoil at the mere thought of judgemental behaviour/thought, I think it only fair to find beauty in each and every living thing. No matter your preferences, each one of them is unique, and yet, we are all connected through ancestors and billions of years. Eons, eras lost to us, things we only have seen glimpses of. So what makes our ‘opinions’ on one animal or another even relevant? A topic for conversation? Why not take that into a different direction and explore the nature of hunters and carnivores, of herbivores, of bacteria, of marine animals, of beings long ago dead and gone?

Think about the fact that you are connected to every single living thing on the planet. Earth is a homogenous cycle that seems eternal, and of course, to many of us, until we die, it is. Look at the curve of a leopard’s tail, how elegenat… How unbelievably fluffy. Look at the different horns animals can have, the beaks, the effects of different species of bacteria on us and other mammals, all the various bringing demise even to insects. Life is always ongoing. No matter what you’re going through, it’s not the end of the world. There is always something more, something new.

There are people being born, people dying, people having lunch, dinner, breakfast, people just getting to work, people on a plane, people swimming in a lake or in the ocean, maybe a millionaire hosting an insane party. But that’s not just it. There are animals hunting for food, while others try to survive being prey. Bacteria are splitting into two. Some animals are facing circumstances that are causing them to slowly evolve.

Look to the sky, to the stars, whenever you feel things caving in, whenever you place too much importance on silly life things, whenever you stop seeing the world for what it is, when your mind feels blocked and surrounded, soaked in tar. Remember how vast it is. Think about how old and magnificent it is. Consider the very possible alien life out there. There are other kinds of beings out there, maybe some intelliegnt. We are forever searching for something more, something new. We are born hungry, starving, for knowledge, for learning. Embrace your curiosity. Pursue your passions. Never forget how insignificant everything is. You may call this ‘positive nihilism’. It’s very freeing to care about nothing and to realise nothing matters, that the world isn’t stressful or even worth the trouble. Just… Take a breath. Take a sip of delicious coffee. Write a line. Draw a hybrid of an ant and a crow. I don’t know. Something.

Just… Live. You’ve only got one of these. And it’s honestly too short to waste on negative things or the past, or things that bring you no happiness; misery, pain. I’m not saying quit your job today and hope for a miracle. I’m saying work towards something that will get you out of a miserable situation, right now. Break up with someone who does not give you fireworks. Someone who brings you down. Someone who’s nothing like what you truly deserve. Someone who stresses you out instead of making you feel safe, encourages you to grow, to be yourself. To pursue your dreams and passions.

Otherwise just enjoy the beautiful life of being a brilliant lone wolf.

Just… Live.

Be free.

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