To Marilyn: My Dead Spider.

Terrific, horrific, majestic and misjudged

Like all beauties, you were misunderstood.

Shrieks in the night you caused by trespassing

A princess in a cape, much like a vampire in branding.

Just like your lover of firsts, intriguing you were

Just like me, terrifying, you were.

And although it’s in your nature,

To walk away from being,

As it is in my nature,

I still feel bittersweet feelings.

The worst of it all,

The worst part of that happenstance was,

I was not there to watch you as the gentle caresses of death

Tightened his horrendously crushing grip,

Around your small and hairy abdomen,

It took you from me, miles away from you.

Marilyn, I know, none of this matters to you.

It matters to me.

Rest in peace, my relic of enigmas.

No other spider has made its presence better known.

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