No two coffee farmers are the same. Farm size says very little about who they are or how well they know their business. Calling them “smallholders” is an oversimplification of what is a vast universe of different forms of production with diverse needs, constraints and opportunities. In a time of…

Credit: ©2015CIAT/NeilPalmer

The ultimate sustainability metric is whether a coffee farmer is bankable. Despite the efforts of sustainability certifications and verification schemes for the past 30 years, the world’s favorite beverage is in peril. The systemic inability for coffee farming to access financial services is a sizable elephant in your favorite coffee…

Small farmers are responsible for global coffee production

Small farmers (<5 hectares) are responsible for the ~50% of global food calorie production, ~70% in some of the fastest growing food markets in the world. They are also vastly underbanked which leads to inability of investing in productivity, competitiveness and long-term sustainability.


Vinculum is an enabling platform that uses AI and Earth Observation to connect small farmers in emerging countries to sustainable financing

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