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We enrich e-commerce connections and transform them to feel simple and personal anytime, anywhere.

Authored by: Roy Barak

If you’d asked me five years ago, “what will the business landscape look like in 2022?”, I probably would have come back with some well-thought-out ideas. …

Authored by: Rubi Cohen

As Q4 2021 rolls around, there are two things we know for sure:

  1. It’s the Golden Age of e-commerce. In 2020, e-commerce sales in the US grew by 34.2%. More people are buying more products online than ever before.
  2. Social commerce is hot. Social media networks…

Authored by: Jesus Luzardo

December 28, 1895. The first commercial movie screening takes place at the Grand Cafe in Paris, France.

How media consumption has changed and where subscriptions fit in

Fast forward to 2021, and new movie screenings are streamed in living rooms all over the world, 24/7, with new releases being exclusively available through certain streaming services, like…

Authored by: Jack Bullock

At Vindicia, we talk a lot about technology and platforms and processes. At the same time, we never forget that what we’re really talking about is people.

Five emotions you want customers to feel about your subscriptions

The goal of our platform is building better e-commerce connections. While we can’t do it without tech, we also…

Authored by: Roy Barak

Recently, Australian company Afterpay was acquired by Square Inc to the tune of $29 billion — Square’s largest ever acquisition to date. …

Authored by: Vindicia Team Blogs

While we live in a digital world, nothing can replace the pleasure of a slow, summer read. In fact, despite the huge choice of online channels, people in all age segments still love to consume books and literature — on average around 20%.

Five books that inspired us this summer

Even during…

Authored by: Jack Bullock

We all knew that this year’s Olympic Games were going to be…different.

Olympics 2021

The Games were canceled only three times in history, because of world wars, no less. Then came 2020, and the Olympics were postponed for the first time ever. Next, there was the ban on…

Authored by: Nelson Veiga

Subscription services have been around for years now, and many that you’re familiar with probably relate to entertainment. Video streaming, food delivery, makeup boxes and more are thriving in the subscription model space, influencing every part of a person’s lifestyle and available options. …

Authored by: Vindicia Team

SaaS-based next generation subscription platform

Vindicia MarketONE is a SaaS-based next generation subscription platform

What is MarketONE? MarketONE is a SaaS-based next generation subscription platform fusing recurring transactions, subscription bundling and user-journey management into ONE digital ecosystem. Vindicia MarketONE power smarter subscription and recurring transactions on a global scale. Accept all leading payment methods and…

Authored by: Vindicia Team

All-in-one subscription platform

Accelerate subscription growth with the all-in-one subscription platform

Accelerating growth with next-generation subscription business models. The all-in-one subscription platform is finally here. Uncover how to win and keep your subscribers. Vindicia MarketONE is an innovative subscription platform that brings together recurring transactions, partner bundling, and user journey management. With Vindicia MarketONE…


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