Why Kids Books will never be Extinct in the Digital Era

Kids Books in the Digital Era

With the continued rise in digital publications, it sometimes seem like the age of printed books is going the way of the 8-track player and slide rule. Paper books take up space, can be heavy and cumbersome to carry in numbers, and deteriorate over time if not properly maintenance. Meanwhile, you can have access to millions of books and publications online all from your mobile device. A single tablet can provide you with more reading opportunities than a room full of physical books could ever offer.

One exception to this trend is kid’s books, which seems as strong as ever, despite the emerging digital age. Even though many young children have access to computers and mobile devices, there is still a high demand for printed kid’s books around the world. There are good reasons why children’s books will still be present for the foreseeable future.

Easy on the Eyes

Although digital screens have improved considerably over the years, it is easier for children as well as adults to read print books. The colors are more vibrant and their physical presence provides an immediacy which digital books cannot hope to match. Because they are easier to read, they do not have the same eye issues that are common for those who are on their computer screens all day.


Consider that children can dive into their favorite book right away instead of having to wait for their device to find it for them. This type of accessibility makes it very attractive for kids who want to pick up their books right away. Plus, they can turn through the pages quickly to find the favorite parts of the story. It also helps that there is nothing for them to learn in accessing the books they love, all they need to do is pick them up and read.


Considering the cost of providing your child with a tablet or e-reading device, physical books are less expensive in the long run. To read their books, they will not be borrowing your devices nor do you have pay for one that they use. Instead, they can pick up the book right away and enjoy reading it without having to turn on, log in, and find the book online or in their collection.

Memories & Collectability

Many people today treasure the kid’s books they had when growing up, passing them down to their children and grandchildren. The memories they had growing up and reading their favorite kid’s books provide for them a joy that existed at that time of innocence. With the memories being so strong, it may seem strange that some would part with their treasured books, but the truth is that many are in high-demand which makes them collector’s items. Unlike digital publications, kid’s books have an inherent physical value with some being sought-after classics which fetch a nice price on the market.

For all these reasons and more, kid’s books will not fade into the digital age. Their physical presence will still be appreciated by the generations to come.

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