The Indian Pesticide Industry And Its Growing Popularity

Agriculture contributes immensely to the Indian economy. However, ensuring food security for billions of Indians is a herculean task, especially due to shrinking arable land resources. This compels the need to use high quality seeds along with a balanced use of fertilizers. The Indian pesticide industry produces thousands of tons of fertilizer each year, a great part of which is also exported to different nations.

In fact, India due to its inherent strength of qualified low labor costs and low-cost manufacturing is a net exporter of fertilizers to countries such as United States and some African and European nations. With great quality checks and use of state of the art technology, the end product meets global standards set by the pesticide industry.

The progress of sustainable agriculture is leading to the growth of the Indian pesticide industry. New developments are being made by qualified researchers each day, to enhance the effectiveness and quality of products. Unfortunately, while on one side the industry is advancing in leaps and bounds, there is a section of manufacturers selling low quality goods. Therefore, anyone looking to buy fertilizers from a pesticide company in India should make sure they perform thorough research. There are several manufacturers that fool buyers into purchasing low quality goods. They make unreasonable promises and lure people with their cheap rates.
When choosing a brand, make sure it has a good reputation in the market.

One of the best ways to find out about this is to research online. Browse through forums and review websites. You can also ask experts for suggestions. Also, make sure you shortlist and compare at least three manufacturers before making your final choice. This helps to ensure you’re getting the best deal in terms of pricing, product quality and quantity.