The perfect clone for your vineyard!

I have been working with a lot clones at Pressing Matters for 8 years now. 15 Pinot Noir Clones, 6 rootstocks, 4 Riesling clones. I have presented at a couple of workshops about our vineyard research (Slideshare). And I get quite a few phone calls and people ask “which clone should I plant?”.

So I thought I would write this post and give you all my secrets. I thought I could direct all the phone calls to this one post, as I give the same advice over and over.

The best clone you should plant in your vineyard is ….


You should not think that by having the next big thing, magic, silver bullet, came in a gumboot clone will make your vineyard any more special than your neighbours. Guess what, every vineyard has clones.

Having clones is not a USP.

If you want to develop something that is special and unique to your vineyard, then promote you. No one can copy you. More clones is not going to make your business more successful

What is going to make your business more successful is:

  • having a great marketing plan and executing it
  • having a financially sound business plan
  • getting a gross margin of 50%
  • selling 50% or more of your wine direct to consumers.

Concentrate on this first!

If you get your s..t sorted and do these things first, then I will be more than happy to talk clones with you. Please get in touch =>


(p.s. D5V12)


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