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Great Leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them fulfill their potential — Steven J.Stowell.

In his book, The Type B Manager: Leading Successfully in a Type A World, Victor Lipman in the chapter “People leave managers, not companies”, states that the relationship between manager and employee plays an central role in keeping the employees engaged.

According to the article by Harvard Business Review on what Millennials look for when applying for a job, opportunities to learn and grow and quality of their manager was amongst the top, in a list of 9 factors. They wanted to work for someone who would invest in their development.

Whether it is the matter of getting the best out of their employees or retaining the best ones, it is the quality of managers that matter. Leadership skills to effectively manage a team, is not taught as one matures from an individual responsibility to the collective responsibility of leading a team. As a result, they suffer from not being able to establish the personal connect with their team which eventually leads to conflicts and low productivity. This can be effectively overcome through Leadership Training, which imparts the right ways of leading the team, motivating them and getting the best out of their team.

According to a Forbes article on the top 8 reasons why people make their minds to quit, overloading best people with more responsibilities, micro-managing or on the contrary, never being around, not knowing who is really talented, not guiding them personally, running ineffective meetings, caring more about themselves than the team and not giving them the big vision of where you are heading were stated as the reasons.

This again reemphasizes the importance of good managers who inspire, guide and motivate their team in the best possible way. Hence Leadership training is important to effectively engage the employees in giving their best.

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