The 6 deadly myths of fantasy sports business busted!

If it’s a myth, it better be funny! Often not so for those dying to jump into the fantasy sports business. Our team finds itself at the receiving end of some such myths that are so discouraging for entrepreneurs passionate about fantasy sports business.

Let’s bust 6 of the commonest myths about developing a fantasy sports platform or website.

Myth #1 Due to various sports and leagues, fantasy sports platforms take forever to build and cost a bomb

Well Yes and No. Each sport has its own unique logic which requires considerable amount of coding as well as UI/UX related changes. For each new sport you add, you have to implement its own unique lineup formation, scoring parameters, modify the DB to handle all unique data points etc. At the same time to add a new league for an existing sport the total efforts needed are on the lower end. The only real work needed it to integrate the new data feeds and make minor tweak in the UI. In terms of costing to add a new sport, it varies based on a lot of factors and your requirements.

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