Dan Gallo — Product Development Assistant, Hard Copy Defender

  1. What does your typical day at Ving look like?

On a typical day in the Ving Office, I spend the majority of my time testing and trying to “break” Ving. Then I work to improve Ving so that users never see those errors. When not trying to break Ving, I’m either plotting scenarios that could possibly cause a hiccup in Ving or I’m helping out the other departments with whatever issues arise.

2. What’s your favorite part about using Ving?

My favorite part of using Ving is being able to send everything (video, audio, text, pdf, etc.) that I need to get to others within one trackable digital packet, as well as monitor who opens it and how those people interacted with my Ving.

3. “Going above and beyond” to you means what?

Going above and beyond means getting something done 100% of the way, and then going back to improve upon your work. Going above and beyond also means that I need to , perform the direct task at hand to its full completion and also make sure that the outcome is bullet-proof.

4. What is your favorite part about being a member of the Ving team?

My favorite part of being a member of the Ving team is when someone asks me what I do for a living- I can now tell them that I have an exciting job breaking software. Being a member of the Ving team is exciting. We are making huge strides to change the way people share and communicate information and that is… cool.

5. What is unique about the environment at the company?

Having all departments within the same work space allows everyone to get real-time feedback on decisions which allows for a better product to be seen by the masses. Often different departments are in separate portions of a building. Here at Ving we can bounce ideas off of one another without leaving the room. Though we do still have departments we are more so one big team.

Ving is a digital communications engagement platform that enables enterprises to create and support a culture built around the positive personal accountability and productivity that comes from effective information sharing and collaborative work management. Ving enables people to more effectively create, share, act upon, and track the critical information they need as they perform their day-to-day tasks. Click here to get started today.

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