Indian Clothes of Men

There is no doubt that the traditions and culture of India reside in everyone affiliated to India in some way or another. With the number of festivals celebrated by Indians throughout the year, having your wardrobes overflowing with traditional clothing is a must.

While NRIs in America may not have access to the traditional attire worn by the natives in India, many online shopping portals have made it possible to purchase these without any hassles. The additional factor of not having to step out of your homes to buy them makes it a much more attractive prospect.

Some of the Indian clothes for men available to make your festive season joyous are mentioned below:


A garment known for its grandeur, sherwani has been worn for decades by the royals and aristocrats. One of the most common attire during weddings and other Indian festivals, getting a sherwani for the next festival lining up is the perfect way to make the occasion count. While you may not be celebrating it in India, the culture of the country will be glimpsed through your attire.

Kurta Pajama:

Kurta pajama, unlike sherwani, is simple albeit elegant. For those who are not comfortable with donning a sherwani, wearing a kurta pajama is the best option. While sherwanis are more glamorous, kurta pajamas will add to the charm of the festivities without pulling too much attention to you.

Blending your sherwanis and kurta pajamas with a pair of mojaris will add more charisma to your overall look and give off the ideal Indian look. While it is very common in India, sporting one in the US will definitely help you set a trend among those fascinated by the culture and traditions followed in India. All in all, the attire would certainly make you feel at home while you enjoy the fetivities.

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