I want to give a level playing field to my daughter!

When she wakes up I want to her to feel that she is in the world where she is treated equally.

When she is a child
She is not asked to help in house chores while her brother plays soccer or video game. 
She is not asked to help serve food while her brother chit chats sitting at the dining table.

When she is grown up
She does not need to think twice before choosing clothes she wants to wear. She does not have to be scared if she is running late in the night. 
She is able to choose profession that she likes not that would work around her schedule & responsibilities when she is married.

When she is adult
She can decide what her priorities are.
She lives the life by her choice. 
She decides on her own, makes her own decisions.

At her workplace
That she is not in minority anymore.
That her manager and other people don’t treat her differently just because she is a woman.

When she is a wife
She is not expected to do cooking, cleaning, dishes while her husband watches TV.
She is not expected to get up in the morning, ensure everything is ready while every one else wakes up and goes to the dining table for having their breakfast! 
She is not expected to be in time for making arrangements for guests and kids.
She is not expected to be responsible for the house chores, irrespective that she goes out to work and earns for livelihood or not.

I want her to make her own choices and be treated respectfully, not measured against perceptions made by the society of how and what a female should do and is suppose to do in the given situation.

Think Think …

No I don’t have a daughter yet. What made me write this, are two things really.
Last week my 5 year old son came to me and asked 
“Mum, can you make sandwich for me?” 
I don’t know why, but I asked “Why are you asking me and not Daddy. Can’t you see I am working?”
He said “Its you who cook in the kitchen not daddy.”

Then this weekend we went to a THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC SUPER HEROES, there were certain figures that made me really think — am I doing something that is making my son think the way he does. Do we ingrain in our children of what a male and female should do in the family?

There is nothing wrong in that perception, the question is - is this the impression that I want him to carry of me and in general for females in the family!