Embrace it all with grace: Do we have any other options?

Did you start your day with smile today? Well, you deserve it. Happy smiling!

I was just reading a lovely passage here on Medium in Personal Growth segment about how someone prayed for love, found it and had to figure out their own permutations and combinations.

It felt so… good.

Yes! Every time I read someone else’s love story that has successful conclusions, I feel so… good.


The very next moment, I was wondering about the similar and dissimilar aspects of my own relationships. And my heart said, “Don’t think too much. Just embrace with grace whatever life has to offer you. Keep focused on other important aspects and keep going on and on”.

We have so often been told, “embrace with grace whatever life has to offer you”, “Almighty knows better”, “these are your learning steps to guide you where your actual destination lies”, and so on and so forth.

The feeling left me wondering, do we freaking have any other options other than embracing life’s lessons, challenges and all the curve balls that are thrown at us?

I asked a group of wise people the same thing and someone replied, “Take charge of your own life. If you are in charge of your actions, you will shape your destiny as you want it to be.” Well, that is so not true. While we need to have goals and deadlines to keep scores, it is equally true that once you start to enact the plans you had put on paper that is when the real challenge begins.

I tried to find the same answer on web, I got many options on how to make your life worthwhile and a sarcastic solution “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade.”


The fact of the matter is that as human beings we are subject to many variables. A few rules I try to live by and felt like sharing with you are

# Learn quickly.

# Forgive (instantly, if possible) and Never Forget the lesson learnt.

# Be as harmonious as possible. Innate goodness is in one and all. It goes a long way.

# Make peace with family. They are after all ‘your people’. Respect the differences and if possible honour the differences.

# Have a strong support group of friends.

# Ask for help and advice but do not expect anyone to come in and help you.

# Do not underestimate your power to cope with any adversities, whatsoever and no matter how many. You have the power to deal with it (Trust me).

# It is your life, your race and you are competing with no one else but yourself. Take your time.

# You do not owe explanations to anyone but yourself. Always put your best foot forward, you owe it to yourself and even if we fail after doing we all could, we still feel like winners.

# Cry for a while (if you need to), dust it off and get going…

# Live and laugh among adversity that is when you need it the most. Make the journey as cheerful and memorable as you can.

We must embrace the curve balls life throws at us with grace and we do not have any other option. That is the truth and the sooner we accept it, the better it is.