This is a large oversimplification.
James Stratton

Lol thank you so much for your Wikipedia-fueled response to my quick summary of the language I now speak daily. Having “essentially no grammar” is not a knock, and I am using the term “grammar” here in the sense that an English speaker would normally understand it — that is, correctly. I LIKE that the meaning is generated between the words and through context, but it’s very different than Portuguese, is my point. Also, FYI, in spoken informal Indonesian you often don’t use any of those verb affixes.

A last note, Malay is not a “counterpoint” to Indonesian, it’s the same language. They have different accents and structures right now but historically they are the same thing, a language of coastal peoples in the Archipelago and at the very bottom of the Malay peninsula. Like everyone else I don’t consider it a mainland language.