Stop saying bigly

You are being big league annoying

Millions of years ago, when Donald Trump was a reality TV guy with obviously no chance of winning the presidency, he appeared to say “bigly” in some campaign events. It was worth a small chuckle for those seeing more confirmation that he is dumb and bad at English.

But then two things happened. One, it became clear he was actually saying “big league,” which is a 100% real expression. Even better, it’s a sports expression, which are worth like triple points in US politics (and journalism).

More importantly, Donald Trump became President of the United States of America. No matter what happens, this can never be undone. Your children will be born into a country that was ruled by Donald Trump. When your great-grandchildren go to study abroad in Spain, they will go through customs using the passport of a country whose destiny was forged by circumstances that Donald Trump created. Everything that happens for the rest of this nation’s existence will be, somehow, a reaction to the Trump Presidency, which is real.

Even if you are not American, there is no escape. Earth is now, and forever will be, a planet whose most powerful life-form was once Donald Trump. If we ever make contact with an alien civilization, this will be part of our history and our identity.

Every day, Trump does things as the President and says things as the President. Even ardent supporters admit he has made some real policy mistakes, and some real grammatical mistakes. So if you want to attack him, you have material. Stop using a fake insult from pre-history. It’s pathetic.