Spices are not just chilies.
Sundeep Raikhelkar

You are 100% right, “spices” existed before Eurasian civilizations came in contact with Latin America, or “spicy” capsicum peppers. But I’m curious how that you had the time to comment but somehow missed the paragraph from the article that says exactly that:

“The fact that, when talking of the capsicum family, we say that chili “peppers” are “spicy,” means we are committing a double linguistic anachronism (which is fine). It was of course “spices” that all those Spanish and Portuguese were looking for (especially black pepper) in Indonesia in the first place. And since chilis kinda make your mouth pop in the same way as black pepper, they got named “peppers,” and we call them “spicy,” though the biology and sensation produced are actually totally different. The word “Chili” itself is Nahuatl.”