The SCAM (Do Not Hire wwwsoftwareservices)

Do NOT attempt to hire outsourcers from this website, you will be disappointed.

Not only that, but if you go through their process and LOSE, they simply delete your account and all of your reviews. So It is not possible to leave bad reviews for crappy workers.

Their scam is to put you with a worker who has NO INTENTION of completing your project, their only goal is to keep asking questions and rack up hours, until you become excruciatingly tired of their antics. When it became clear they would never complete this project, I called them out on it and they quickly switched programmers on me, to someone else who had no clue. They will continue to do this until you are ‘satisified’ or just completely give up due to frustration.

Here’s a story of how they ripped me off for over $500.

I posted a very simple php project on there to attempt to get some help.

Mr Shantanu Mukherjee and his team wwwsoftwareservices at first seemed
to be one of the most knowledgable on and from the response I
got to my project it was clear that they know what they were doing and
could complete my project. Unfortunately this was not the case and
ended up being a huge waste of my time.

The first programmer that was assigned to my project was obviously in
over his head. The responses I would get to my messages and the
questions he was asking made it seem like he was very new to web
programming. I gave him benefit of the doubt and for 2 weeks I
answered his questions and explained things in great detail to try to
get him to understand the requirements.

Finally he was ‘finished’ and wanted me to check the work. I was
surprised to see a single php file that just include a few mysql
lines. This was only the first part of the task, and was to be the
most simple, and even after inspecting the code, I found it to be
completely wrong and full of security vulnerabilities.

After some back and fourth they assigned me to what i guess was
supposed to be a more advanced programming person. After a few days
this person still had not made any progress because they claimed they
couldn’t login. After verifying the information had not been changed
and was still working from when I gave it to the original programmer,
I asked to cancel the project because it was clear this was NOT the
team to do the job.

I have no idea why their second programmer was unable to figure out
how to login to SSH on the default port, because you learn that on day
1 at programming school. It is clear he never attended or was sleeping
that day.

Since we are unable to even get started in the most basic aspects of
what I needed for this project, I am requested a refund.

The company never responded to any of my support tickets and the arbitration case went unnoticed. Finally I decided to see if paypal would have any sense and I disputed the transaction with them.

After several weeks of deciding Paypal comes back any says the items is not eligible for buyers protection. My account my deleted and there is no way to communicate with the company anymore.


Please if you are considering outsourcing DO NOT USE GURU.COM

ESPECIALLY Shantanu Mukherjee and his team wwwsoftwareservices