Vinny G — An Update

When we first announced Vinny G here, we’d built a basic chat bot that allowed you to order pizzas through Slack, our enterprise messaging client of choice.

In slightly more nerdy terms, the chat bot responded when you addressed it with a slash command, /pizza add 1 large, what Slack refers to as “Slash Command Bots “ …Generally, about 40 minutes later, you had a hot, delicious pizza delivered from Dominos, all without leaving Slack.

(We did send a receipt via email as an extra courtesy.)


After our first 100 orders, we got some great feedback and determined:

  1. Typing slash anything isn’t the most natural behavior
  2. Learning structured typing conventions for size and quantity can be clumsy, even with AI
  3. Ordering lots of toppings was a pain in the butt with typing

1. Hello Vinny G private chat

We wanted Vinny to be responsive and listen when you mentioned things our friendly monkey knows about.

When you install Vinny, you’ll receive a DM setting up a private chat with you and Vinny. Any time you chat with Vinny and mention “pizza” Vinny wakes up. NO SLASH COMMAND REQUIRED. JUST. PIZZA.

2. One more thing, buttons are better

Less typing is a good thing. And while we loved “/pizza” and the subsequent “italian-sausage and mushrooms” order. We thought buttons were way better.

3. Watch Vinny Work

Vinny G knows buttons!
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