“Spectacles” are the solution to Snapchat’s big problem!

There has been a lot of talk on Snapchat in the last two days after reports show a decrease in active users and downloads. As a Brand Strategists and an avid user of Snapchat spectacles, I believe the only way for Snapchat to increase the number of downloads and monthly active users, is by lowering the price on the spectacles and making it affordable for Millennials and GenZ-ers ( anyone under 32).

As a professional dancer and athlete, I am intoned with the latest trends and where teens are spending most of their time online. The features that made Snapchat different has been duplicated in other social media platforms, but one feature that Snapchat has that other platform doesn’t is the spectacles (sunglasses that Snap).

Snap Inc has three months to show their investors that they haven’t lost their magic or users because we all know investors like myself only care about the IOR.

See the Spectacles in action!