Vinny the Pug’s CLUB NO-KILL 2027

My inability to let him go has moved me to enshrine my memories of Vinny within a plan to change the world.

Vinny the Pug Bouldering at Sedona, Arizona.

It took nearly three years for me to somewhat pull myself together after taking part in killing my best friend. Though it was an act of mercy, participating in killing Vinny has left me wounded and feeling guilty.

On that day, March 15, 2013 at precisely 2:50 PM, the veterinarian generously allowed us all the time I wanted but ten-minutes was all I could bear.

I remembered to bring his climbing harness and opened it as I had done perhaps a thousand times before. Instinctively, Vinny lifted his leg and inserted himself into. I took the loose end with the clasp and brought it beneath him and coupled it closed. I then wrapped both arms around his entire body and hugged him very tightly. I held Vinny so tightly that I could feel his racing heart beat against my chest. The thought of how I must have appeared flashed through my mind but I just as quickly pushed it back out.

Then at 2:57, I saw the doctor peering through the small window of the door separating the exam room from the operating area. I somehow found the strength to nod my head to let her know I was ready. Vinny was mysteriously quite unlike all previous visit to the same room. The cancerous tumor had sapped much of Vinny’s strength and vitality by then. His left leg had been shaved and prepped with a capillary from our previous visit. It was through it that a binary combination of pharmaceuticals would be pumped.

I gave my camera to the veterinarian and asked her to take a few pictures for me. She was very kind and more than happy to do so. I wondered if the pictures would show my tears falling upon Vinny but quickly shoved the thought out of my head. I cried like a baby and begged Vinny to forgive me for what I was about to do. As if he was fully aware of what was to happen, Vinny remained completely motionless save, his pounding heart beat against my chest.

Vinny’s left leg had been prepped for the insertion of a syringe.

I really must pause here because the memories are as fresh as the day Vinny left me. I am new to Medium with this being my first story. I would like to exercise the option to publish this and return to continue later. Please forgive the delay.

Allen Kimble, Jr. & “Vinny the Pug”4-Ever


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