Fun is like Sugar

When you eat sugar too often, your tongue needs more sugar to feel sweetness, and you can’t feel any sweetness from natural food like sweet potatoes.

It isn’t good to your health so some people try to consumer almost no sugar at all.

The same goes to fun too.

If we feel really strong feeling of fun by playing games, for instance, we feel less fun from less intense, but important things like helping, writing, studying, and working.

It is very important to keep eye on what we consume.

For example, Umehara Daisuke, one of the beat pro gamers in the world, said that he tries not to enjoy too much when he wins a tournament.

Because winning a tournament is a result of daily training, and to enjoy it, too much of fun is bad.

Small but natural fun he feels during his training is the source of continues winning, he wrote in his book

What I’m trying to tell is that when you have something you want to focus on try to stick to it:if you have fun with exciting things like Trading Card game, you might lose focus on that like I did.

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