How Scary A Pro Gamer Can Be

What happens if a “Pro” Gamer plays normal game

Do you like games?

I think 70% of answers are “Yes!”.

Then, do you want to play game as your job?

Some people do that: they are pro gamers.

Let me show you how insanely good at gaming they are.

Take a look at this vide. It seems nice, right? Very fancy, and kinda cute.

From what we can see, the main target of this game is normal people who play games for fun.

Then maybe you want to know what happens if professionals play this kind of game.

Will it be very different from how we play or not?

I prepared an answer below, but if you want to compare with non-professionals , check the video on the side first.

In that video, a player fights with the first boss in normal mode.

I think you can get a clear idea how this game works. Oh, by the way, in the video I prepared below, a pro gamer fight 10 bosses in expert mode.

In the vide, the fight starts at 4:04.

It is ridiculous: all boss enemies can do nothing but die.

Some of them are even sent to the air and juggled like a ball.

The program was to see if the pro gamer, sako can defeat 5 bosses in expert mode within 30 min, but the goal was forced to change as he was defeating bosses too quickly and brutally.

For the sake of the player who I showed you as an example of non-professionals, I must say that he’s not weak at all. Just pros are pros.

FYI, this is how they fight each other.

You might have thought that those people are just attacking doing their combos crazily , no skills at all, but I have to point out 2 facts: it is extremely difficult to do those attacks, and the game I showed above is the crazy one, not players lol

The proper fight between pros is like this.

I hope you get some ideas of what pro gamers are like.

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