The importance of the fundamentals

Whenever I try something new seriously, I sturdy from the fundamentals.

For example, when I decided to focus on English learning, I studied how brain learns a language.

Do you think it’s too much too just to learn English?

To me, not at all.

・Without knowing the fundamentals, I can’t really decide what I should follow and what I should do.

Let’s say, someone advised me plan A, which seems nice, so I started it. But later on, another guy advised me plan B, so I changed to it. Then I found out that some famous guy said plan A is much better. I changed my plan again.

What kind of crap is this?

This whole waste of time would happen when I only see the surface: I just follow any opinion which seems nicer.

If I knew how it works, I could simply choose with my self.

・In some cases it is required to know the fundamentals, but in some cases people don’t know yet

When we play sports seriously, a couch is supposed to know the fundamental of muscles, so that we can train it effectively and safely.

This is the social convention.

But when we sturdy English, we know nothing about our brain, and so does a teacher.

How are we supposed to know the teacher is teaching us in the collect way, especially when the result isn’t good?

To avoid wasting time, learn about the fundamental myself is crucial sometimes.

It would be stupid to spend tons of time for everything, but for something I spend more than some time, I always require myself to study the fundamentals first.

To avoid wasting time.

Nowadays, we can research many information through the internet easily.

In a way, it is problematic because there’re too much information so that we can be lost and don’t know what to believe.

That is why, knowing the fundamental helps us like having compasses in the sea.

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