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Maafkan gue, seriusan, judul di atas, tampak gue rohani sekali yak? padahal siy gak :) Tadi pagi, waktu mau jalan ke kantor, gue iseng lihat twitter, di timeline gue ada tweetnya, Bapak Jhon Bevere, oya kalau mau tahu siapa doi? *gugling yak lol. Gue suka baca buku plus dengar khotbahnya dia, menginspirasi sekali. Ini dia, tweetnya doi…

John Bevere ‏@JohnBevere

Seek deeper friendship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit more than you seek His gifts.

Tweetnya doi, bikin gue mikir. Niy kalimat tweetnya, yang bikin gue mikir *Someone who sees Him as a person will say, “how can i give more of myself to Him.” Yang gue alami *taelahh. The Holy Spirit has a really incredible function. Gimana jadinya kalau gue hidup without the Holy Spirit? He is our comforter, teacher, professor, and the best ever evangelist. He’s convincing! At times I simply come short with my own words, but when I ask the Holy Spirit to help, I realize that He’s the most powerful evangelist on the face of the earth! Lebay?? Tapi itu fakta.

Relasinya Roh Kudus dengan kalimat tweet berikut ini *Someone who sees Him as a person will say, “how can i give more of myself to Him.” yang bikin gue mikir adalah, “how can i give more of myself to Him. “The Holy Spirit or Parakletos istilah gw “udah ngasih banyak” lol tapi gw-nya? Niy ya, gue kutip fungsinya Doi. The Holy Spirit is a prophetic Spirit. You’ll begin to prophesy. He’ll teach you when to speak and when to hold your tongue. He’ll teach you how to see through and tackle your problems. You will begin to be you! Galatians 5:16. God gave us the Spirit of faith, joy and power! The Holy Spirit is neither an optimist, nor a pessimist. What is a pessimist? It’s an optimist with experience. Nah loh…Niy gue tambahin lagi, another effect of the Holy Spirit’s working in our lives, is that He revives our talents and inclinations. He knows the depths of your heart and, whatever you’re capable of the holy spirit will awaken it in you. You’ve received talents, and He makes sure you use them. And, we encourage each other.

Ya, itulah, fungsinya Doi di hidup gue. Jadi hari ini gue seperti, diingatkan oleh tweetnya Bapak Jhon bevere, “how can i give more of myself to Him.”

Doa gue: Father, thank You for having Your Holy Spirit living among us. And of course we need the Holy Spirit!

Thanks a Billion:

Bapak, JhonBevere, thank you 4 reminding me Sir! *sok ikrip ya gue :p

Bapak, Ps. Johannes W. Matutis

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