Checking in with the 2018 CA almond forecast

With the release with the USDA’s objective measurement report we wanted to walk through an overview of our almond forecasts this year.

Each month, we release forecasts for each crop. This number is updated with realtime data we capture remotely from our various input sources; specifically weather, imagery and management practices.

For California almonds, our first forecast in April was 2.38 billion pounds followed by 2.47 and 2.37 billion pounds for May and June respectively. This gives us an average forecast of 2.41 billion pounds for 2018 (assuming 1.08 million bearing acres).

Some more context to these numbers; we saw that most of the crop was largely unaffected by the frost conditions during bloom and we’ve seen really good conditions the rest of the season. Temperatures were lower than normal in May but have come up in Jun/July to historical averages. And there has been no widespread reports of pests this year.

There will be more updates to the forecasts before harvest kicks off.

As usual, be sure to check out the weather features in the application to compare this years’ conditions to past years.