Application overview

Creating Actionable Intel for Agriculture: An Application

At Vinsight, providing useful data directly to the user is paramount. What has a field produced in the past and what will it produce in the future? Where is a new plot of almond trees? How has the county acreage changed from the previous year? These are the questions being answered through our product. Accessible through the browser, users can now access 5 years worth of yield data for grapes in several counties in CA. County, year and crop can all be queried.

Queried fields with grape crop layer

For grapes, yield predictions can be accessed via a bounding box or by drawing a polygon over an area of interest. Predictions for all years are made four months prior to harvest with an error rate of 10% or better.

Bounding box for yield
Polygon for yield

Recently, we added crop layers to display historical trends and current locations of grapes and almonds in CA. Changing the year dropdown will automatically update the crop layer allowing for changes to be viewed from year to year.

Almond crop layer

In addition to the Mapbox baselayer on the display, we have incorporated toggle options to switch between different data sets such as Urthecast’s RGB and NDVI maps.

Urthecast RGB baselayer
Urthecast NDVI baselayer

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing several updates including more regions in CA and 2016 data. We are excited so stay tuned!

In case you want to incorporate this service into an application you already have, an application program interface (API) is also available. You can sign up for access to both below! Check in next week for our walk through of the API.