Final 2018 growing season forecasts

Almond harvest in Merced county

Vinsight’s last and latest forecasts were released in August for California state numbers. As harvest had already started in various areas across the state, any subsequent new data would not be accurate.

Wine grape forecast

Yield: 7.9 tons/acre

Bearing acres: 562,000 acres

Production: 4.4 million tons

Bearing acres for wine grapes stayed very similar to last year’s at around 560,000 acres. Good conditions and minimal pests across the state allowed for average and above average yields for wine grapes. Our forecast puts the yield above last year’s actuals.

Almond forecast

Yield: 2,200 lbs/acre

Bearing acres: 1,079,300 acres

Production: 2.37 billion lbs

Bearing acres for almonds have been on a steady increase and that was true again for this year. Outside of an interesting frost during bloom and delayed onset of substantial heat, conditions were great. Production is forecasted to be up from last year with the increase in bearing acres. The yield forecast remains close to average across the state.

This year we worked hard on giving more insights into our forecasts and users tools they actually need. Vinsight added in a few new features like top drivers affecting the forecasts, estimates on current year bearing acres and agriculturally relevant daily weather metrics.

We want to continue to improve and give the best snapshot of conditions/forecasts for grapes and almonds across California and beyond. Head on over to to see these last forecasts and features.

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