How to help with the California fires

As of today the fires have killed 42 people, at one point forced 100,000 people from their homes and burned in total over 240,000 acres. Currently, there are still 15,000 people evacuated.

While fire-fighters are still battling across the state, we came across some ways to help out those in need during this time.

Host a place to stay

Airbnb launched a program to allow hosts to open up their home for free for displaced evacuees from October 8 through October 30.

By the power of google; there is a google doc that connects people willing to host their home with those displaced.


The Center for Volunteer and Non-profit Leadership has ways to help out with the fires in Marin and Napa.

Medical professionals are needed as well.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer across the affected areas. Here is another google doc with active needs.


A lot of people stepped up and have already donated a bunch of supplies. Many shelters are no longer taking supply donations. However, the biggest way to help right now is with monetary donations. We know there can be some friction in giving money but here are some trusted and direct ways to give.

This isn’t the most exhaustive list of ways to help but some that stood out to us. We hope that you can join us in helping our community.

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