More forecasts, less almonds

The USDA released their subjective forecast for California almonds today.

Production: 2.3 billions pounds

Yield: 2,150 lbs/acre

This means that even with more production and acreage coming online for 2018, the average yield is about 5% lower than that of last year (2,270 lbs/acre). The subjective forecast is based on phone surveys from a selected group of growers throughout the state.

We did a quick comparison of forecasts for almonds over the last few years. The subjective forecast has historically been more accurate than the objective forecast.

Production performance 2013–2017

Vinsight’s current forecast for 2018,

Production: 2.38 billion pounds

Yield: 2,205 lbs/acre

Stay in the loop for additional almond forecast updates as the season progresses.