Yield Prediction for All Mankind: Part II

At Vinsight, using remote sensing imagery as the baseline for region-specific models, crop yield can now be predicted 4 months before harvest with a 10% or less error rate. Predictions are updated weekly and occur right up to the harvest date with increasing accuracy. Similar to how weather predictions are made. It may sound straightforward however it is not an easy task. Gathering numerous data sets for specific crops and regions are just part of the solution. Knowing exactly what is grown and how much is grown is another big part of yield prediction. Vinsight is releasing an API and application in Q1 2016 to allow growers, farmers, buyers, whoever, to access this yield prediction starting with grapes and providing real actionable insight to the agriculture industry.


U.S. wine exports, 90% from California, reached $1.49 billion in winery revenues in 2014, the second highest dollar value for U.S. wine exports and a 64% increase from five years ago. Grapes are the second largest commodity in Califonia just behind the dairy industry. Grapes allow for test sites globally and provide for a year around market.