*This Writing is from my Archive of 2010*

What is a Famine? The Webster dictionary states that it is a shortage of food.The bible, talks about famine, from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. Famine was predicted in a dream (Genesis 41:27); There will be Famine in the last days, (Matthew 24:7); Faith in time of famine (Habakkuk 3:17–18); Intense Famine (Joel 1:17–18); Famine as judgment (Revelation 18:8). In this present evil world that we live in, People are starving for food, money, jobs, houses, relationships and cars. I am learning that what people are really hungry for, is a loving relationship with the “OPPOSITE” sex, and even this, is a Famine type of situation! Couples are married, but one or both spouses are having a famine, there is a lack of intimacy, love, affection, peace, wholeness and unity. Singles are in a famine, for a mate (let me be clear), I am talking about a male and female relationship. I am not going to even entertain the thought of “she-she” and “he-he”, relationships! Society has become so liberal, that these people are bold enough to think that they deserve to be treated with the same Godly benefits as a heterosexual relationship. The devil is a liar! I will not condone perversion in this ministry!!!

Divorced people are in a famine for another mate and maybe a new family. In this case, may I suggest that you make sure that you are not bitter, and that you are over your former spouse before going into another relationship, you will only cause more problems, contamination and increase of famine. The widows and widowers (which society and the church seems to have forgotten about), are in a famine for companionship. It does not have to involve sex! Most of the seniors are not looking for that, they just want someone to talk with, someone who cares, and someone intelligent to share their wisdom with.

In every category that I have listed, there are those would not admit that there is some type of famine in their life, or relationship, or that they want and need help. Only Jesus the Christ can truly help us in our time of Famine! Not a counselor, a sister, or a brother. Not even a pastor! A lot of times we tend to go all around the world and back before we realize that only God can help us. We must watch who we listen to as well, a lot of times we are sitting in the counsel of the “ungodly”, hear me, I am not saying that the person that you are talking is ungodly, ( though some maybe) but what they are telling you could be ungodly, meaning it is not in the will of God for YOU! Go to God, He knows more about the situation than any of your “helpers” know. Yes, the Lord, will have His true servants come an minister to you. But, the Lord, will not reveal “EVERYTHING” about the situation to that individual or indivduals that He sends. Not everyone that comes and ministers to you is from the Lord, it could be the devil in disguise!!!

Remember, wartime, when the soldiers had to go and fight, they had to leave their family and loved ones. They are not sure when or if they are coming back! This is a type of Famine! They may not come back the way that they left, vibrant and full of energy, with all of their body parts! But, you do know what happens when they return, Yes, the famine is over, and babies are popping out everywhere! They were storing up items, memories, and love in the good-times, so when the bad-times came they had what they needed to survive.

For my sisters, that have stated that they do not need a man, are only speaking out of anger, hurt, resentment, rejection, the list can go on and on!!!!! You had better watch making the statement of, “Jesus is my man.” Once the devil hears you, he will torment you in everyway “sexually”. Your mouth opened the door for that attack! Instead, say, “I’m waiting on God to send me my mate”, because you really do want someone; and using your “toys” will not replace your need for a man!!! The toys are not covering you, or holding you. God did not create us to be by, or satisfy ourselves. Cold showers do not work! The devil will work on you late at night,(the spirit of Incubus and Succubus), and early in the morning. I’ll tell you what does work, Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, and studying the Word of God. This is why the bible tells us to meditate on the word day and night, so that the devil can’t bring those thoughts to your mind. My sisters and brothers, in relationship Famine, there will times, that you have walk, talk, and pray all night, until that urge for sex leaves! Singles classes (which some churches don’t even have) don’t usually teach you this, they are telling you to “keep your legs’ closed”, and to say, “Jesus is my man”, but the bible says’ that Jesus (God) is not a man (read Numbers 23:19) & (Isaiah 53:2, 3). Most teachers of Single classes already have someone, so they won’t tell the real deal! Oh yeah, I am going to tell you like it is, I am going to tell you the truth! Let’s keep it real! Not everyone will get married, or have a relationship with someone! Yes, we must wait until we get married to have sexual intercourse, but those feelings, and urges, do not want to wait until you get married. What am I saying? You will have Spiritual Warfare, and relationship Famine going on in your bedroom regularly, if you don’t Pray, Fast, and seek God for help, sooner or later, You will give in!!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, we invite you, and welcome you, into our lives and situations. We ask that you destroy the famine in our relationships. Help us, to be more loving, and appreciative of each other, and let us have a heart for communication in our relationships. Let trust grow in our relationships. Destroy the selfish spirit in our relationships. Loving relationships of unity are what we need. Lord, some of us, are hungry and desperate for you to deliver us from this Famine. The blood of Jesus comes against, that proud and rebellious Spirit, that is ruling the husbands, wives of failing marriages. We repent of any sin that has crept into our lives, and that has caused the breakdown of marital unity. Speak Holy Ghost, we need you and have to hear from you. You know what is best for us, you created marriage, and only you can teach us how it works, In Jesus’ name, Amen! (So Be It).

The FingerPrint — Germaine` “Lady G” Burton

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