“From My Secret Place” — “TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS”

What is Toxic? What does it mean? Toxic is anything that is Harmful, destructive, or poison, and it does extreme and irreversible damage in relationships.

What is a relationship? A relationship comes in many forms, It can be a connection by a relative, biological or by marriage; it can be a business, work or relationship by association. It can even be a contact limited to the supply and demand of a product that you use or need on a repeat basis.

Toxic relationships drain your energy, they do not encourage you, they only discourage you. You can tell the relationship is toxic because it doesn’t build you up, it tears you down, and you even wonder if you can trust the other person?

When it’s toxic, along the way, you will find out that you can’t trust them.

When it’s toxic, the other person always seems to need you or want you to do something for them, but when you need help and encouragement, all you get is negativity, and excuses. They are nowhere to be found, are busy or avoid you till the worst is over.

It is even important, more important than you think, to choose carefully, who you do and don’t go out to eat with.

If you have to move on from someone, or they leave you, breaking from a toxic relationship remember, that they were most likely not part of your destiny to begin with. 
There are 3 basic categories of relationships:
 Outer Circle
 Inner Circle
 Holy of Holies

Outer circle — These are those that you may from time to time associate with; you don’t have a lot of trust in them, and you don’t really need to. You use and appreciate, not misuse each other, for what you both mutually understand and agree that you offer each other. These people are expendable!
Inner Circle — These people are closer to you than those in the Outer Circle, and you need to be able to trust them, but only in the position that you know that they hold. They are probably going the same direction as you for a common goal, but don’t confuse that with them being “with you”. They are receiving a type of support from you along the way for their goals, just as you are for yours. You may deal with them on a regular basis, but if not all is not lost.
Holy of Holies — You can’t have a lot of people in your Holy of Holies. They are very close to you and know your secrets, and you know theirs. These are people that you have to be able to trust! They will help you to get to where you are going, and are truly there with you and for you through the good and the bad. These have seen you at your best and at your worst, and they never use it as ammunition against you. Some may be able to use their husbands or wives as an example of this, and you should be able to, but not everyone can say that this is true.
You need to do a regular security check of your Inner Circle and Outer Circle. If any are not helping you to move forward, then you have to find out why, fix it, or show them the door! If not, you will be contaminated and you may not make it to your destiny and purpose. You don’t want to perish without doing what the Lord has destined for you to do!
Remember, that you do not need any help to make you feel miserable, life deals you enough of that all by it’s self. 
Once, you confront and deal with your 3 types of relationships and the people within them, you will be better equipped for the journey ahead. Some will not understand, where God is taking you, and that’s okay! You should even expect that most won’t understand, but whatever the case, be prepared to see the REAL PERSON THAT THEY ARE, as this all unfolds. Many will have to be left behind, they just cant go where God is taking you.

“Helping to Restore God’s People to His Kingdom”

The FingerPrint — Germaine “Lady G” Burton