Fashion Statement|100: “Use What’s In Your Closet”

Ok, not everyone has this type of closet, however, you understand what I’m saying…….

There are times when we are on a “Budget” or maybe we just don’t want to spend money$$$$$.

Instead of going shopping to the mall , why not open your closet door and take a look!!!!!! You’d be surprised at what you may find in your closet and put together an entire outfit.

For instance — you may not have a belt for the outfit that you want to wear. Try wearing scarf in place of a belt. They come in many pretty colors, prints and lengths. Just make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your waist. The excess that’s hangs can be tied into a knot, bow or tucked into your belt loops, if there’s belt loops. You will look like you are on a Fashion Magazine Cover.

Pick a color that matches your outfit

Until Next Time,

“Lady G” — A-Dressing Fashion By “Lady G”

Changing How You Look At Things

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