Words really Do Hurt……I am sure that we all remember the Nursery Rhyme, “STICKS AND STONES”, may break my bones, but Words will never hurt me!”
Stones are used for multiple purposes, even as a weapon which we’ve heard about in the Bible, Where David used 5 Smooth Stones and defeated, (killed) his enemy Goliath. See 1 Samuel 17:38–52.
For decades, children would recite this particular Nursery Rhyme to each other, only to soon find out that it’s a LIE. Words really do hurt people, whether it’s “face to face” or “hearsay”! It feels as if some of those words hit you right in the gut! The words pierce right into your heart and soul. People, Family Members, Love Ones, Leaders, Supervisors, Co-Workers, (Brothers & Sisters in the church membership) “THE SAINTS”, well you know, The Words that come out of their mouths, Whew! Be it one word or many overtime, all have the potential (at times) to affect you well into your Adulthood, and some things have hurt so bad, that you’ve never let it go! This will then spill over into every area of YOUR LIFE! It will CRIPPLE YOU, OPPRESS YOU and BURDEN YOU from receiving YOUR True Potential that God has for you!
I’ve learned that many of these so-called Nursery Rhymes are CURSES that we were taught as children. They are regularly RECITED, and SPOKEN by the children, WITHOUT THEM KNOWING the hidden danger of speaking them, (Proverbs 18:20). Not only did we, and today’s children recite them, we also, HELD HANDS, (touching and agreeing — Matthew 18:19) Yes, did you catch that? All while in a circle. Satan is very crafty and subtle. He also twists and perverts God’s Word! He wants to catch, snatch, & grab the YOUTH at an early stage in their life, the MOST vulnerable time of a child. What seems and or appear to be harmless and cute, actually is very harmful and dangerous, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.
All is not LOST! There is Hope and a Cure for this Demonic Influence — His name is Jesus The Christ! He can Utterly destroy ALL that Satan has done in your life.
The FingerPrint — Germaine` “Lady G” Burton

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