12 things I wish I could have said to my Fiancé when I was crushed with anxiety
Benjamin Foley

Brother thanks for sharing this with…it made me cry ❤ and not because it was “sad” or other similar words. I cried because in your telling i saw my own 7th layers of inner hell that broke down last year(man what a year it was).

I am glad you went through and didn’t drop the towel (i know i would have in some occasions but as you i went through with it).

I congratulate you for being there for another and sharing your experience with others via that private mailing list.

As a man who did and still does his inner work i has one suggestion for you or others who might be struggling: ManKind Project.

It has not “changed” my life or myself, it showed me different paths and also brought up repressed and unresolved stuff that needed healing.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day,


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