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The world known auto brand Volvo plans testing electric trucks in California since next year. Mass production of vehicles is expected to be started in 2020. The company president Claes Nilsson said that the project might be regarded as an important step towards mass electrification of world transport.

Volvo demonstration units will be based on FE electric trucks unveiled by a company in May 2018. Those trucks got 2-speed transmission and 370kW engine. One charging is enough for covering up to 200 km. 23 trucks are expected to take part in testing together with other zero-emission equipment. …

The world industry of truck production is on the threshold of a new era. Tesla Motors, Daimler AG, Volvo AB and other auto brands announced mass production of electric trucks that were intended completely removing of diesel engine ones.

According to Bloomberg, implementation of electric trucks into the European market allows saving about 400 million barrels of oil per year. The scientists indicate that the European Union imports about 3.82 billion barrels of oil per year therefore electrification of the fleet makes possible cutting oil import by 11%.

According to preliminary calculations complete removing of diesel powered trucks is possible…

The US biggest retailer Walmart takes interest in their fleet electrification. The company added 30 more Tesla electric trucks to their pre-order. John Bayliss, senior vice-president, indicates that trucks are intended to be used in Canadian distribution center that is expected to become the first completely operated by electric fleet.

Mass production of Tesla electric trucks is scheduled for 2019 and the company has already got more than 2 000 pre-orders for their electric powered vehicles. Such giants as FedEx, PepsiCo and DHL are included in the list. …

The US cargo transportation market is mostly represented by trucks. More than 70% of cargos are being delivered by trucks and road trains equipped by diesel engines but since 2019 this market niche is expected to be filling by electro trucks. They have a wide range of advantages over diesel-powered vehicles. Vion creates favorable conditions for the market invasion by electric trucks.

Electric-powered vehicles are completely eco-friendly and moreover, their using reduces prices for cargo delivering. Tesla Motors has already got 2000 trucks reservations from large US companies including PepsiCo, UPS, and others. …

In November 2017 Tesla Motors revealed the first electric truck planning mass production of such vehicles since 2019. In March 2018 Tesla Semi truck delivered the first cargo from Nevada to California. Technological changes are inevitable and electric trucks are about to take the place of gasoline and diesel ones. Vion is the first company on the North American market planning creating appropriate infrastructure for electric trucks implementation.

The project is capable to change the highway transportation sphere completely. A complex of charging stations constructing fully corresponding to the demands of electric trucks charging is the principle step towards implementation…

The sphere of cargo transportation is on the threshold of a new era.
The electric auto brand Tesla announced that since 2019 mass production of electric trucks would have been started. Gasoline and diesel engines completely outlive therefore they can be totally replaced by the electric ones in the nearest future. Vion project is designed to make the necessary conditions for innovations implementation.

Nowadays The USA is well equipped by “Tesla Supercharger” stations, but they are oriented just to electric motorcars charging and are completely insufficient for trucks that need up to 1 hour for full charging and additionally…


Creation of network of electric power charging stations for trunk-roads across the US and North America

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