Untitled random fiction #001

I was trapped. Trapped in a building, surrounded by a new breed of dominant species — the robot. A single minded autonomous machine that followed the commands of the hive mind back at base.

The time had been coming for a while now. Decades in fact. But it had kinda passed everyone by; crept up on us all. I think I was the only human left. The only independent….thing…that remained. A relic of a bygone era when free thought was not only valued, but encouraged.

Hard to say when it had all changed. No one single thing had signalled the turning of the tide. And we’d all been blase about it. We’d all just accepted it. Even me I guess. Even though internally I had campaigned against it, externally, I had been too much of a coward to let my thoughts be known. I had clung too tightly to the notion that all these people that I didn’t even really know, and who didn’t know me, actually mattered in the grand scheme of a world that was slowly sliding into hell.

So, you will want to say it’s our fault. Or my fault. We got what we deserved didn’t we? The complete destruction of a world that was once worth saving. Replaced by something that doesn’t even make sense anymore.

I can’t last much longer hiding in this building. Sooner or later, they’ll get around to discovering where and who I am. And then it’ll only be a matter of minutes before they break down the door, find me, and drag me kicking and screaming into the street to be dealt with as the traitor I am. A traitor to the human cause. Something with nothing to give to this new world order. And therefore, something obsolete.

Goodbye. I wish I could say the fight was worth it. But it wasn’t. The war was lost the second it started. The only consolation…..that I will not be around to see it end.

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