What could the lives of the most vulnerable be with right opportunities?

Agbaha, Nigeria

It is the year 2018, eighteen years post the Millennium, three years after the global goals were set to have achieved a more equitable and equal society. A society where no man or woman has to let go of her human dignity for survival. …

Watching snippets of the movie, Age of Adaline, I was fascinated with Adaline, the central character. Adaline attained ageless youth after a reviving lightening kept her at age twenty-nine for over eighty years. More intriguing, was her heartfelt joy at discovering a strand of grey hair after eight decades of stalled development. I would believe that any company executive would want Adaline on their board. Her advice on strategy direction and investments would be priceless as she has the combustive insights of years and youth. …

Rotimi Williams is a former journalist turned entrepreneur, who now owns the second largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria. He is only thirty-five. Mr Williams’ story shows just how much of Nigeria’s developmental potential exists in the agricultural sector for those with a business mindset.

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Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Instagram can be used to enhance the business of agricultural trade and production.

In 2014, Nigeria’s agriculture sector added a mere 20.2% to the national GDP. Despite a significant number of the working population being employed in agriculture, their annual income is nearly half that of those employed in non-agricultural sectors.

It is no wonder, since Nigeria is the world’s second largest importer of rice after China. In 2016, Nigeria imported over 4 million metric tons of wheat. By 2030, this figure is predicted to rise to over 10 million metric tons costing the country $10 billion. Currently, Nigeria spends $6.5 billion annually on food imports. …

At the heart of the seventeen global goals for sustainable development are wellbeing, equality and systems. Yet, poverty in this age and time is beyond the inability to afford or provide food, shelter and clothes, it surpasses the inability to access good health, education and security systems. It is expressed in the scarcity of dignity and the incapacity to escape the debilitating circumstances in which our country seems stuck. …

Victoria Faj

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