The Best and Fastest Way to Learn Another Language
Charles Scalfani

There are at least 2 approaches to learning languages:

  1. Learning to read, write and speak first
  2. Learning to understand the language first

I am fascinated by the French language. I took French in school, and teachers taught us basically everything you need to write and speak the language. But when I looked up French-language videos on the internet, I was absolutely clueless as to what they were on about.

In my experience, understanding a language first is more important than learning to write and speak the language.

Of course, without grammar and vocabulary, you won’t understand a word anybody is saying, but a well-balanced combination of both aspects will work wonders for you. Not to mention colloquialisms — they don’t teach that at school.

Schools do get it wrong, and in my opinion immersion and understanding will help you learn languages faster than if you go about it the conventional way.